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[IN-STOCK] RME Studio Alas

[IN-STOCK] RME Studio Alas

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  • Alas is a 60% keyboard with a gummy o ring friction fit mount. The board is designed to look simple with some subtle curves in the bottom to help user to pick up and move the board easily.
  • The top side bezel of the keyboard both left and right will have a curve as well to make the side profile looks simple but sleek.
  • This board will have internal and external weight made of brass to give heft to it, the weight will sandwich the thin layer of aluminum in the middle to absorb the vibration and reverberation and eliminate unwanted hollowness.
  • Since we make the tolerance tighter than normal friction fit board, we design the plate with cutout on the top and bottom to make the typing feel still bouncy and soft without any compromise from the tighter tolerance.


    • 60%
    • Aluminium 6063 for main body
    • Sandblasted brass for internal and external weight (PVD polished weight was only on the prototype and did not meet the designer's QC)
    • 7 Degree typing angle
    • Friction fit mounting style
    • 20mm front height
    • 3.28 KG fully build
    • PCB by Yiancar and also compatible with Hiney H60 jst
    • Expected Q4 Production Completion, with Q1 2024 Delivery (likely sooner due to a low number of units)


    • Top, bottom and brass weight
    • Aluminium plate as standard
    • Solder PCB
    • Orings
    • Feet
    • TX Stabs
    • Carrying case


    • WW: mekibo - FCFS
    • Asia: Acid & co - FCFS

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